28.05.2019.  Fanclastic has a range of 18 sets and more than 70 models and 12 educational kits... 27.05.2019.  We are online now!  Most advanced 3D construction toy for activities and education !

Why fanclastic

Developing children creativity and talent

What makes FANCLASTIC different?

   Fanclastic is an innovative and patented 3-D building block toy. 


  It’s durable, 3-sided block connections enable children to build a variety of configurations that traditional building blocks do not allow!


   Fanclastic is being used in preschool and elementary classrooms as part of educational programs and activities.


  Fanclastic comes with wheels, axles, hinges, connectors, and adapters to build virtually any model. 

  Children will be entertained for hours building fun models.

  It is a game for the whole family

  More fun when parents join their children in building new models that you dream up together.


  No other building toy on the market offers such versatility and safety !


  We have an educational program made for the schools as well! 

  Video-assembly manuals are online available for easy follow up...

Fanclastic is a excellent for … 
   • Pre-school groups

   • Elementary school

   • Children's activity centers

   • Supplementary education groups

   • Building and modeling hobby groups in holiday camps

Connections and adapters.jpg
Compatibility & LEGO

  Each Fanclastic set is 100% compatible with our other models, so children can grow their collections and create ever-bigger constructions over time.


  Each set of Fanclastic comes with LEGO adapters to help children combine both toys and expand their range of possibilities.

  Hours of real fun with creation of amazing buildings, constructions, models which help developing kids motor and spatial skills.

CE Mark.jpg

  Fanclastic is made from same high-quality  raw material as other known brands.


  This means that the models your children create will withstand many years of fun – without damage, loss of strength, or discoloration.


  Each component complies with universal regulations and requirements for children’s toys.


Free virtual modelling app

  Fanclastic comes with a free companion app – Fanclastic 3D Designer – that enables your child to create their dream model prior to building.


  The app can run on Android, iOS, and Windows devices and have generates a step-by-step instruction.


  Fanclastic lets them become little architects and builders.