Fanclastic 3d designer

What is 3d designer

 The Fanclastic 3-D Designer is an app that allows anyone to access step-by-step instructions to build Fanclastic models and to create own designs. This app is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS  and leads to hours of fun. 

 By downloading this program to your device, you become a virtual owner of an infinite number of blocks that you can use in any way you can imagine. Choose colors, types of blocks, and configurations and build from the ground up.

How it works

   Each model can be easily constructed by referring to the step-by-step instructions available on the Fanclastic 3-D Designer app. 

  In tutorial mode, children and adults alike can view virtual assembly instructions for every Fanclastic model.

  In modeling mode, you can use virtual building blocks, save them to your device, and create your own tutorial to use with your Fanclastic set anytime.  You can save your custom models on the app or share them with other users and start a competition


The Fanclastic 3-D Designer app is available on various platforms. 
The app is free and can also be installed and run on your Windows desktop computer.

You can download the Android version here or on Google Play, and the iOS version is available from the App Store.